The Vast Wasteland of the AFC West

Sunday was some horrendous day for the one-time powerhouse AFC West.

In New York, on vibrant display as never before was the absolutely horrendous coaching of Norv Turner, whose talent-laden but totally inept Chargers ripped defeat from the hands of victory, silver-plattering a game to the over-rated Jets. With a quarterback of the talent of Philip Rivers, and a group of above-average wide receivers, how in the world could they play 60 minutes and have exactly FOUR completions to wide receiver? How could Quentin Jammer and the rest of the San Diego defense be allowed to commit so many errors not due to lack of talent, but due to letting their egos and desire for personal aggrandizement get in the way of basic fundamentals? How? The entire Charger roster should be ashamed of their performance, and the entire coaching staff should be shown the exit.

So in Oakland, the Chargers and their new golden boy, over-the-hill cry-baby Carson Palmer welcomed perhaps the worst defense in the AFC to town, and the record-setting results were predictable: The game saw eight interceptions, but only two by the Raider D against the weak-armed junior trojan, Matt Cassel. The other six intercepted balls were thrown, three each, into the paws of Chief defenders by the former brain-surgeon Palmer, and by starter Kyle Boller. Boller’s performance was disappointing, but Palmer’s was just as pathetic as expected. Those draft choices thrown away for Palmer will haunt the post-Al Davis Era Raiders for years to come. They have more potential in Terrelle Pryor than Palmer could ever provide, and that first round draft choice could have brought a top QB prospect in next year’s bumper crop of quarterback talent.

And speaking of quarterback talent, in the topsy-turvy AFC West, the bottom-dwelling Broncos, with renewed vitality with Tim Tebow working magic in his first start, could now be THE team to beat. Imagine that. And we all thought the NFC West was the weakest division in football.

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