Raiders First Move Post-Al Davis: Stupid Trade for Cry-Baby Palmer

As the first move in the post-Al Davis era, the Raiders made a ridiculous, stupid trade for the cry-baby, I’ll-Take-My-Ball-And-Go-Home, former usc brain-surgeon, Carson Palmer. Al is probably already spinning.

Would Al Davis have EVER traded for a player who walked out on his team, his teammates, and himself, saying “If you don’t trade me, I’m staying home!” NEVER.

Add that to the fact that Palmer was one of the most over-rated quarterbacks in the NFL’s long history of over-hype. His has continually regressed as a player over his career, and with the exception of his four-game 2008 season, his QB rating has gone done every season since his second year. Through his seven years as the Bengals QB, he led them to exactly two seasons of over-.500 won lost records.

Kyle Boller has every bit the talent that Palmer has, and both were taken in the same 2003 first round of the NFL draft. Boller deserves the starting Raider QB job replacing the injured Jason Campbell.

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