Nelson Rosario’s Astounding Catch

Earlier today, UCLA played its season opener against the University of Houston. With the hopes and dreams of a new season in the hearts and minds of the Bruin faithful, the game was a redux of the past several seasons, featuring the defense giving up big plays, QB Kevin Prince suffering an injury, and a victory within reach slipping away.

There was, however, one highlight that will live on for years – one of the most remarkable catches EVER in the recorded annals of football. Is was on the opening play of the second half when back-up QB Richard Breuhaut threw long down the middle to perhaps the most talented Bruin of the 21st Century, WR Nelson Rosario. Rosario made a catch like none I have seen before in my 50+ years of watching football. He pulled the overthrown pass in with one hand with the defender on top of him, and caught it with the defender between him and the ball. You have to see it to believe it:

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