AEG Lobbyists Begging for Special Treatment

As AEG has passed the local hurdles, local politicians in their over-stuffed pockets, it is on to Sacramento, to cajole, pander and extort state legislators to provide special treatment in easing vital environmental protection laws and in exempting them from litigation designed to offer a dose of reality.

As described in my Aug 10, 2011 post, “Football in LA, the CONS”, billionaire Philip Anschultz and his AEG thugs can buy what they want, and put up a pretty good smokescreen, so that voters, especially football fans among them, don’t see, and in reality, don’t care.

Funny, the LA haters are now the allies of those of us who think that AEG should at the very least, follow the rules designed to protect the future of California, and to some extent, insure future generations of breathable air and majestic lands.

A pending bill by LA’s own Sen. Alex Padilla would make a mockery of the judicial process in an effort to steamroll the AEG stadium, totally removing the TRIAL COURT from the litigation process, and handing all such matters regarding the stadium over to an appellate court with unrealistic expedited procedures, apparently eliminating such useless elements of litigation as FACT FINDING.

Just like the teabaggers at the Federal level, the special interests begging for freedom from the laws of the state of California so they can pocket more and more billions, couch their begging in terms of jobs: “Let us break the law when ever and where ever we want, and we will create jobs; don’t let us break the law, or delay our breaking the law, and those jobs will be lost.”

Screw them. They need us, not the other way around.

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