Least We Forget, Michael Vick is SCUM!

All the current adulation over michael vick is disgusting.

He did not just raise dogs for fighting and promote dog fighting, as so many people seem to say. He TORTURED AND KILLED dozens of dogs, in painful and brutal fashion, over a period of years. Until he was caught.

Were it not for a series of events that led police to his home on a totally unrelated matter, and not involving him, vick would still be doing this
TODAY. Also keep in mind the fact that his was not a hobby to vick, but rather a money-making criminal enterprise that helped further line his pockets for years.

Players, reporters, and fans heaping praise on this piece of scum, and hoping for his continued success, are soul-less, compassion-less, heart-less, thought-less lumps of organic matter.

Sic the NFL dogs on him.

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