Cam Newton: Roger Staubach or Art Schlichter?

On the eve of the NFL draft, fans and GMs alike are still debating the talent and character of Cam Newton. I do not believe there is anything to debate: Only a fool would waste a top draft choice on the guy.

Roger Staubach or Art Schlichter? Easy question to answer – Art Schlichter. Or Ryan Leaf. Or Todd Marinovich.

Yea, he’s got tons of talent, demonstrated through that ONE single great college season. Sound familiar Ryan Leaf? But his young lifetime of lying, cheating and stealing should be more than enough for any sane personnel guy to STAY AWAY. You can forget about the recruiting violation investigation as the criminal there was Newton’s father. Hmm – nature or nurture? But that aside, he was caught three times cheating during his short tenure at the U of Florida, where he left either because he was too chicken to compete against another QB or because he knew the long arm of the law could only be evaded for so long after his first theft arrest and the likelihood that he could not continue to rely on the power of Urban Meyer who saw to it that charges were dropped the first time.

I’m not saying he’ll be another Rae Carruth or Darryl Henley, but easily another Art Schlichter or maybe Lawrence Phillips.

Let him go find a niece prison league.

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