Bush’s Pet Rat Tom Schieffer

Get ready Dodger fans, the worst is yet to come!

g w bush crony Tom Schieffer is now the guy calling the shots at Dodger Stadium, and in the next few weeks, I expect to see:

1) Free lifetime season tickets for every fan with an income over $250,000 per year;

2) Microphones at every seat so Dodger Intelligence Agents can monitor all fans’ private conversations;

3) The opening of the new Camp Dodger, where every dangerous looking “foreign type” fan will be escorted, and from where each such fan will hope to leave, sometime, this decade, maybe; and

4) The armed military invasion of those vile, “different-from-us” inhabitants of Anaheim Stadium, complete with the hiring of private “security” contractors to rebuild the stadium, for the next, oh, 20 years or so. A word to the wise, San Diego – don’t take in any Orange County refugees, or Petco will be next!

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