I Hate Barry Bonds – But…

I hate Barry Bonds.

I really hated him after he became a Giant, but I hated him a lot from the time he first came up to the majors with the Pirates, because his father was a Giant.

I hated him even more when people were saying he was the best player in baseball, because he was hitting 70 home runs a season, despite the fact that his steriod-riddled body could do nothing on a ball field except hit a baseball a f**king mile.

I did love him, though, in late 2002, because the Angels were World Champs in 2002, not because of Scott Spezio, not because of Francisco Rodriguez, not because of John Lackey, but because of Barry Bonds. Bonds’ miserable defensive play in left field was the single biggest reason the Angels defeated the Giants in the 2002 World Series.

But, it is absurd to waste the time of various agencies of the federal government, and a fortune of taxpayer money, to put Bonds on trial for perjury because he testified under oath that he had never knowingly taken steroids.

The BALCO crowd has been investigated, prosecuted, and sentences served. What good will it possibly do (it certainly won’t stop BALCO now from distributing more steroids) to try Bonds on these stupid charges?

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