NBA Trades Made and Not Made – Points Guards Pack Your Bags

This week’s trade flurry has shaken up the NBA West and made the occupation of point guard the favorite of real estate agents across the country.

First, what did NOT happen: The Lakers did NOT trade Andrew Bynum, a good thing. The likelihood that a Bynum for Anthony trade was ever a real possibility is remote, and a healthy Bynum will be a key to Laker success for the next several seasons.

This week DID see NINE point guards traded, several basically for each other. Phoenix getting Aaron Brooks was a steal, New Jersey giving up a fortune for Deron Williams was a gamble, and the Clippers giving away Baron Davis for the pathetic Mo Williams was a travesty. Jamario Moon is a useful sub, but to give away Davis and a first-ground draft choice for the over-rated, no-talent waste of a roster space Williams is a horrible setback for what was a vastly improved and rising Clipper squad. Blake CANNOT be happy. Utah fans will have to suffer for the present as well, but their future is bright with Favors and two first round picks. Come 2014 or 2015, they should be competitive again.

Nor can the Lakers be too happy, in that Portland and Oklahoma City both significantly improved themselves, and the second half, not to mention the playoffs, are no longer up to the Lakers to LOSE.

Gerald Wallace is a tremendous addition to the TBlazers, and putting him next to LaMarcus Aldridge who really came into his own in Brandon Roy’s absence, will give them an imposing front court. Roy has now returned, and I expect Portland to have a big second have and enter the playoffs blazing. The team that REALLY made out, though, is OCity, adding Nazr Mohammed, Nate Robinson, and a genuine presence in the middle, Kendrick Perkins. The Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook combo is as good as any duo in the NBA, and adding Perkins could make next year THIS year in thunderville.

The trades also changed the lineup in the East. I felt until now that Boston would win the east, but trading Perkins changes their dynamics, and things should really HEAT up. Atlanta hurt themselves as well, but they did not figure to get out of their first round series anyway.

OK, the big deal: Who knows? Who cares? Denver and NY – Neither team will be a real factor for years now. Anthony was the Nuggets, and NY can hardly find enough pros to field a team. They will end behind Philadelphia, and dangerously close to New Jersey.

Above all, it will be interesting.

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