Today’s Mason-Ireland Love Fest for Scumbag Pete Carroll Made Me SICK!

Don’t get me wrong – I like Steve Mason and John Ireland and love their sports talk show. But, I was thoroughly nauseated by the little bit of their interview with uncle petey that I caught, and then their follow-up commentary about his legacy.

It is absurd to compare unk to President Bill Clinton, and for them to say his legacy will be similar to Clinton’s in that his transgressions will be a speck on an otherwise exceptional career, as the Lewinsky matter will be to the Clinton presidency.

Bull Crap.

Carroll ran what amounted to a criminal enterprise at usc, and ran screaming from SoCal as the courts, not to mention the NCAA, were closing in. It has been well documented how he made crooks, scoundrels, go-betweens, and agents themselves part of the family, welcome in the clubhouse, on the sidelines, and in his heart. He looked away as reggie bush and his family received over $300,000 in illegal benefits, despite driving at least one such benefit around campus. The same for Joe McKnight, as he drove his benefit around the practice field.

But his biggest transgression that has received virtually no publicity and for which he has NEVER be called on to account for, is the Dave Watson matter, documented by (“Carroll knew about coach’s drug addiction before crash”) and discussed here on Jan. 11, 2010. In summary, former petey assistant coach Dave Watson was addicted to painkillers, and under petey’s watchful eye, apparently for a period of years, was routinely dispensed prescription drugs by the team’s medical staff. Then, one day while driving his usc-assigned company car, Watson caused a crash, critically injuring an innocent passenger. Watson admitted it all, and plead guilty to felony DUI, and his injured victim sued everyone involved. Uncle petey was supposed to appear at a deposition in the case, but did not appear. He was then ordered to appear by a judge, and within days of that order, petey high tailed it out of SoCal for the Pacific Northwest and the bounty of the NFL.

Yea, great legacy. Steve and John – you should be ashamed.

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