Education Suffers but Football is King

Texas Tech University faculty members were due $3 million in raises for 2011, when the administration determined the necessity of freezing all such raises. In these perilous economic times, such freezes have become all too commonplace, and astute educators can comprehend the necessity of such a move.

What is much more difficult to comprehend and understand and accept, is what Texas Tech then proceeded to do, in these “perilous economic times” – they found sufficient resources in their meager, overburdened coffers, to award head football coach Tommy Tubervile a $500,000-per-year raise, for each of the next five years.

Faculty members expressed their displeasure at a faculty senate meeting last week, and Texas Tech president Guy Bailey responded with a brilliant comment: “I’d love to be giving pay raises right now more generally” (as reported in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal). Was he a Texas Tech English major? Bailey has also alleged that Tuberville’s raise does not siphon off money from academics, but that fact is that the Texas Tech athletic department is subsidized to the tune of $2.25 Million per year from academic funds.

Curiously, Texas Tech has recently been actively striving to raise its academic standing among US Universities. As it now stands in the most recent US News and World Report ratings National University category, it is number 159 (out of 191 in the category). The football team, under Tuberville, did equally well last season, compiling a 3-5 record in the Big 12, and helped by a schedule that included the likes of Weber St. and New Mexico, an overall 8-5 record.

Gotta wonder just how many faculty members at Texas Tech rake in $2 million per year like Tuberville. I won’t hold my breath.

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