Mario Outdone and Blake Griffin Traffic Jam

Mario Solis was actually outdone on the late KNBC news last night, by anchorman Chris Schauble. They had this exchange:

Solis: “The NBA All-Star game tip off tomorrow is at 4:00.” (actually 5:30 PST; he only missed it by 1-1/2 hours).

“I think the West will take it. What about you, Chris?”

Schauble: “I’d like to see the West, but I think the East will…. I mean,… they have all those… All-Stars.”

I think all the other stuff around the NBA all star game is a lot of crap – rookie-sophomore game, 3-point contest, slam-dunk contest, and I never watch any of it, but Blake Griffin’s dunk over the car was really something:

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