2011-2012 Basketball Horror

The UCLA Athletic Department is in the process of making the 2011-2012 basketball season a nightmare for the Bruin faithful.

We have known for a couple of years now of the total renovation of Pauley Pavilion, that there would be no basketball games played in Pauley next season, and that Bruin games would be scheduled in various alternative “local” venues. The key to that statement is the word “local”.

Remember, this is Los Angeles County, with not only Pauley, but Staples Center, the Sports Arena, the Long Beach Arena, heaven forbid the Galen Center, and a host of other schools with small but workable facilities, such as Loyola, Cal State Northridge, and Pepperdine.

Originally, the primary location of next year’s games was to to the Fabulous Forum, but the owner went into bankruptcy, the building sold, and the Fabulous Forum in now in the process of its own renovation, into something other than a basketball arena. UCLA had, apparently, no back-up plan, and this is where we stand (or actually, sit):

2011-2012 UCLA Bruin basketball HOME games will be played in various venues, including Staples (very limited number due to fourth place behind the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings), the Sports Arena, neighboring Orange County’s Honda Center, which is a mere (stay tuned) 43 miles from the UCLA campus, Ontario’s Citizens Business Bank Arena, 57 miles from campus, Bakersfield’s RaboBank Arena, 109 miles from campus, and what used to be called the San Diego Sports Arena, now the Valley View Casino Center, but still 130 miles away in San Diego.

They have ruled out (???) the Long Beach Arena, and the other school arenas mentioned above.

The capper to all this, you season ticket holders out there, is that if you do not re-up your season tickets for 2011-2012, you are out of luck for the 2012-2013 season in the NEW Pauley Pavilion.

Could we have expected anything less?

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