Jerry Jones Super Bowl Embarrassments Continue to Mount

Guess this is a day for lists.

Poor Jerry Jones:

1. For months prior to the season, he hyped his Cowboys, assuring friend and foe alike that they would be playing in HIS stadium’s Super Bowl. Didn’t quite work out that way, huh, Jerry? His Cowboys limped home at 6-10, enduring such sub-par play that he even went so far as to change head coaches mid-season.

2. A headline-making accident at HIS stadium injured several people, due to poor maintenance and oversight, allowing snow and ice to pile up on the stadium roof and cascade down on top of unsuspecting bystanders. Was it just lack of maintenance ($$$$), was it poor building design, or was it just out-and-out negligence? In time, that will all be decided in the courts.

3. And as a capper, today, a couple of hours before game-time, the local Fire Department told stadium officials and fans that make-shift extra seating was unsafe, and that they would not permit fans to sit in those seats. Oh, Jerry – need to set those records for attendance; who cares if a few fans GET KILLED. Just cram them in where ever you can.

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