Guaranteed to Happen at Today’s Super Bowl

Guaranteed to happen today:

1. Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and other members of the broadcasting crew will again bring up the sexual assault allegations made against Ben Roethlisberger, and totally ignore the FACT that the only quarterback in this year’s playoffs, and most likely the only quarterback in the entire NFL to have EVER actually been arrested for sexual assault is the media golden boy, the Jets’ Mark Sanchez.

2. Aaron Rodgers will exploit the Pittsburgh defensive backfield, and so long as he can evade the Steeler rush and stay on his feet for an average of five seconds per play, he will pick them apart. Play action and a screen pass here and there will open the door for Greg Jennings to get the best of Ike Taylor.

3. Packer D will stop Rashard Mendenhall, and Big Ben will have a tougher time doing it on his own than in earlier rounds.

4. “Easy” 27-21 Green Bay victory. This conclusion is extremely hard for me to accept, as I was an American Football League fan who hated the old NFL, and especially the Green Bay Packers, who routed the original AFL Chiefs and Raiders in the first two Super Bowls. I am convinced to this day, that the Packers were the only NFL team that could have beaten those great KC and Oakland teams.

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