You’ve GOT to be Kidding!

Joe Wilhoit, Bob Crues, the Reading Nine, and the UConn women basketball players.

All equally impressive. All equally relevant. Al equally important.

Since when do minor league sporting endeavors rise to the level of legitimate sports? Since when do their records become THE records in their sport?

To equate the UConn woman’s basketball win streak with that of John Wooden’s UCLA NCAA Men’s Basketball streak is ludicrous. Absurd. Bullcrap.

To do so is to say that THE record for runs batted in in a baseball season is not the 191 recorded by Hack Wilson in 1930, but rather the 254 driven in by Bob Crues while playing for Amarillo of the West Texas-New Mexico League in 1954.

Longest hitting streak? NOT Joe DiMaggio’s 56 for the 1941 Yankees; not even DiMaggio’s 61 for the 1933 San Francisco Seals of the PCL. Why, everyone knows, everyone recognizes, that the record for longest hitting streak belongs to Joe Wilhoit, who hit in 69 straight for Wichita of the Western League in 1920.

As to team records, on the opposite end of the scale is the worst professional team ever. No, not the 1962 New York Mets. Their 40-120 W-L record and .250 winning percentage fail miserably when compared to the real record, that of the Reading team of the International League who complied a .191 winning percentage while going 31 and 129 in 1926.

And Reading had to face stiffer competition in 1926 than UConn ever faced during their streak.

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