Haden v Kiffin: How Long Will it Last?

On July 20, a short week ago, I mentioned that new brain surgeon ad Pat Haden may want to “box up and mail back” football coach Lane Kiffin, just as had been done to the sc replica of r bush’s ill-gotten Heisman.

Now, just a few days before Haden officially takes over, and while m garrett’s chair is still warm, Kiffin has got the university sued, due to his well-documented unethical, and potentially if not illegal at least civil-liability-eliciting theft of Tennessee Titan assistant coach Kennedy Pola.

Of course, the brain surgeon athletic department has keep the usc legal staff busy for years, whether it was stepping in to prevent former qb Mark Sanchez from being prosecuted for sexual assault, preventing uncle Petey Carroll from having to actually show up at his deposition and testify about the FACTS in the Lloyd Lake v reggie bush civil lawsuit, or defending the university against multii-million dollar damage claims in the civil suit brought by the innocent, injured victim in the motor vehicle accident caused by former assistant football coach Dave Watson while driving a university-owned vehicle and while addicted to and high on prescription meds supplied by the sc medical staff.

Haden, a lawyer himself, may take only so much from his predecessor’s most recent big-name hire.

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