Basketball – The Great Haven For Egos and Idiots

Over the past few days, a couple of the most well-known names in the world of basketball have opened their collective mouths, and shown the world that they are in fact a couple of the great egos, and idiots, in the world of basketball.

As previously described here, the long-overdue resignation of the brain surgeon AD was a welcome occasion this week, as was the selection of San Marino’s only registered Democrat, Pat Haden, to succeed him. Is there anyone who could possibly disagree with this change? Anyone who would, or could, laud the stellar work of of the disgraced mike garrett? Why yes, there is. And that person is: None other than Laker owner and celebrated over-grown preppy, Jerry Buss.

While the world, including the new sc Prez. and AD, have slowly come around to realize the extent of the criminal enterprise run by the garrett-carroll-floyd triumvirate, the good doctor Buss – who oh, so proudly wears his sc ph.d in chemistry as others would an M.D. from Harvard – has seen fit to submit his beliefs to the LA Times, who, strangely enough, printed his message in today’s sports section, to wit:

There doesn’t seem to be much love shown for Mike Garrett and I would like to correct this if I may. I think in the future, the last 17 years will be known as one of the Golden Ages of USC sports. It is doubtful to me if we will ever win as many NCAA championships in such a short period of time as we have done under Mike. The football was fun; the basketball was fun; the track & field a glimmering of its past glory under impossible circumstances (the limitation of scholarships imposed on USC).

I would also like to point out that for 50 years as a loyal Trojan, I prayed for someone with the ability, foresight and courage to attempt to build our own sports arena. This was accomplished by Mike Garrett even though there were numerous predecessors who attempted unsuccessfully to do the same thing.

Let’s not kid ourselves — things were wonderful under Mike and although I hope things will be even better under Pat Haden, I think we owe Mr. Garrett a very deep debt of gratitude.

Jerry H. Buss
El Segundo

All I can add is this: Had buss accepted comperable conduct from his LA Laker leadership and athletes, he would have been suspended by the NBA from any participation in the operation of his franchise, the employees directly responsible would have been removed, and the athletes involved fined unprecedented sums.

Then there is the case of the ego of Mr. Chris Paul, registering this week a solid 9.8 on the LeBum-Ego-Meter scale of ten.

What G-d damn arrogance! The mighty Mr. Paul wants to be a Magic, a Knick, or, heaven forbid, a LAKER?

By the way, isn’t he under contract to New Orleans? Why doesn’t that “no tampering” policy stuff apply to players who are under contract, as well as team representatives?

Well, Mr. Paul, with the recent moves the Lakers have made, signing Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, and Theo Ratliff, the two-time NBA Champs are just fine without your services, and, in fact, now possess a roster far stronger than that which, as just noted, has won the NBA Championship the past two seasons WITHOUT YOU!

The very idea, incredibly favored by many equally idiotic commentators, that the Lakers should break up their winning combination by trading the vastly talented and still developing Andrew Bynum for Paul, is absurd.

After painfully enduring the LeBum event (actually, I’m still nauseous from it all), who would have thought that yet another mindless ego would so soon emerge from the pro basketball world, with similar headline-grabing arrogance and impunity.

Come on, it’s BASEBALL SEASON with the trade deadline coming up and pennant races around the corner.

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