Returning Wounded Making Quick Mark

Only a couple of days into the season’s second half, some of the returning walking wounded are making their presence felt.

In Chicago, the Phillies were in danger of losing two out of their first three to the pathetic Cubs, when a four run ninth inning gave them a 4-1 win, with the catalyst to the comeback win being a leadoff hit from Placido Polanco, in his first game back.

In Boston, Kevin Youkllis, fighting numerous injuries but staying in the lineup most of the time, doubled in the ninth to tie up their game against Texas, (stealing a win from Cliff Lee) then won the game with a sac fly in the 11th. The winning pitcher? Manny Delcarmen, returning form the DL and making his first appearance of the month.

The big news on the comeback front, however, came in Cincinnati, where Edinson Volquez made his first appearance in one and one-half seasons. In his return from Tommy John surgery, Volquez showed he was really healthy, throwing six innings, allowing only one run, and striking out nine. A healthy Volquez might be what the Reds needed to stay ahead of St. Louis, and make the playoffs for the first time since 1995.

But then, there is the Dodgers’ situation. No Manny, again, and now Russell Martin has joined the hurt list, and the Dodgers have started the second half 0-3 against St. Louis.

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