The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: The National League, as predicted here, tonight snapped their 14-year, 13-concluded All-Star game losing streak, stunning the arrogant American Leaguers, 3-1, in the House that Autry built. The dead steinbrenner insipidness was kept to an acceptable minimum, and lo and behold, a member of the scumstripes was the losing pitcher.

the Bad: Dodger Hong-Chi Kuo’s horrible throw halfway to the Honda Ponda cost the NL a run and gave the AL a 1-0 lead, and the Met’s David Wright had a fifth-inning meltdown when he stole second and had his head up his ass as an errant throw from Joe Mauer went into right fied. Wright stood scratching his aforementioned ass instead of going to third, and when Dodger Andre Ethier singled to short right, Wright could then only go to third, instead of scoring, and the NL was denied the run when the next two batters made outs. Angel Torii Hunter went 0-2 and left three men on base.

the Ugly: Not since the dulcet tones of Carl Lewis and Roseanne wafted across stadiums and arenas has the National Anthem been so assaulted, diced, sliced, shredded, and crapped out, until this evening, when Fox, in their ever-vulgar self-promotion, put some 18-year-old talentless Fox TV performer center-stage before the sports world to fall miserably on her face.

That had to be the worse performance of the Star Spangled Banner ever performed by a supposed professional singer at a major sporting event.

But the game was, in the words of C. Montgomery Burns, Excellent!.

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