Enough is Enough!

After putting up, seemingly for months, with World Crap (world cup) preemption of real sports all over TV and radio, now for several days, we have been faced with ny yankee scumstripe babble, again taking over the airwaves, first with tear-stained story after tear-stained story about a guy who spent his life saying “Jeter. Number 2. Jeter”, and now with the the deification of convicted felon and significant financier of richard nixon’s dirty tricks brigade, the dead Steinbrenner.

Listen to ESPN and you’d think Abraham Lincoln had just died.

I can hardly wait for the All-Star broadcast tonight. It figures to be a sappy, sickening tribute to dead scumstripes. OK, give Sheppard a brief moment, but I do not want to hear tributes to the dead steinbrenner – a man who used his inherited fortune to 1) transform baseball into “Lot A goes to the Highest Bidder”, and 2) finance a portion of the illegal activities of Herbert Kalmbach, Donald Segretti, G. Gordon Liddy, Charles Colson, and the rest of Richard Nixon’s band of crooks who disgraced America and stole the 1972 Presidential election.

Put THAT on the Angel Stadium message board!

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