All-Star Selections – Worse Than Ever?

Compare these two sets of stats:

PItcher One: W-L 9-4 IP 116.2 Ks 131 BB 48 ERA 3.16
Pitcher Two: W-L 9-4 IP 112.1 Ks 128 BB 50 ERA 2.96

Pitcher One is a National League All-Star. Pitcher Two will spend the All-Star break fishing back home in Texas.

Pitcher One is two-time NL Cy Young Winner Tim Lincecum. Pitcher two is LA Dodger Clayton Kershaw. Did the “name” Tim Lincecum or all that hardware enter into the selection? Explain that, Charlie Manuel. And while you’re at it, Omar Infante? And Michael Bourne?

Oh, and also compare these stats:

Center Fielder One: HR 15 RBI 59 SB 16 AVG. .267
Center Fielder Two: HR 16 RBI 49 SB 14 AVG .264

Not a whole lot of difference. Neither one screams out “All-Star”. But, while Center Fielder One is All-Star Chris Young, Center Fielder Two is much maligned Dodger Center Fielder Matt Kemp, who has been criticized all season for his underachieving and overall poor play.

Joe Girardi, you’re worse. You left off the AL’s best healthy pitcher, Angel Jared Weaver. (See my July 1, 2010 post.) Who is on the AL staff? Why Matt Thornton is. And Fausto Carmona. No Jared Weaver. And no Felix Hernandez.

You can’t please everyone; there are always worthy players left off, but there are some really bad selections this year – players that do not belong.

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