Three Hours to Havoc

Three hours to go until havoc time – get those checkbooks ready!

Since we last met, Doc Rivers has learned that his family doesn’t want him home too much of the time, so he is re-upping with Boston, which could mean Paul Pierce will return and that the Celtic demise was premature.

Also, though yesterday it seemed pretty sure that LeBum was moving to south Florida, stuff today seems to indicate that my original prognostication from two years ago that he would be playing in Brooklyn, may still have life. That forecast was made while the old ownership was still in place, and when their move from NJ seemed to be on track to happen sooner. But today I think the Heat is not such a sure thing, and Brooklyn, and probably still Chicago, remain in the running.

Of course the biggest event in bb today is the rumor that Phil Jackson WILL be back at Staples for one more season. So, all the Lakers really need is to re-sign Derrick Fisher, find his new backup, and fill in the holes left by the exit of Josh Powell, Shannon Brown, DJ Mbenga and Alan Morrison, as well as Jordan Farmar. Trading Lamar Odom, which is still likely, may present a bigger obstacle with no Paul Pierce on the market, and little $$$$ room for the likes of a Carlos Boozer-type. Then, there are today’s Carmelo Anthony trade rumors as well.

On another note, if Vinny Del Negro is at all interested in coaching the Clippers, SNAP HIM UP!!

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