Lakers, Phil, and Next Season

Next season is now, and the future of the Lakers depends on Phil Jackson coming back. If rumors from south Florida are true and LeBum and Chris Bosh will be joining Wade with the Heat, once again to be coached by Pat Riley, keeping Phil is the only way the Lakers can do it again next season.

If he leaves, Byron Scott is a shoe-in to replace him, and that will spell doom for the Lakers. He is not the coach that some people seem to think he is, and he will not do well in LA. If Phil stays another year, not only will he have a great chance to lead the Lakers to that third straight title, but in the interim Scott will likely accept another spot, and the Lakers will look elsewhere in 2012. Too bad Brian Shaw seems to be in line for the Cav job, as he is number two on the Laker list and I feel has a much better coaching future than Scott, though no coach will be successful with a LeBum-less Cleveland for at least the next five years.

On another note, my guess is that Lamar Odom has played his last game with the Lakers, that Paul Pierce is through in Boston, and that the Lakers will make signing Pierce one of two priorities. The other will be a backup point guard, as Jordan Farmar will also be leaving.

In Boston, it looks like Doc Rivers is gone, and with Pierce elsewhere and with Rasheed Wallace retired, this Celtic team’s time has passed, and serious rebuilding is in order.

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