NBA Season Over But the Jokes Go On and On

The NBA season is over, but the riot (i.e. jokes), continues:

1) The ludicrous NBA draft.

The NBA draft system is absurd. No team has their own draft pick, no team picks their own players. No trades, just pick the guy that other team wants; work it out later. Screw the fans – let them buy a scorecard next season.

What should be done is to require all those deals to be completed before a player is drafted by the team that doesn’t want him. How is very easy. There should be a rule that no drafted played can be traded for one year. Now how hard was that to fix?

2) Even more ridiculous is the LeBum James circus – mature professionals, well established in their field, falling all over themselves to kiss-up to Mr. Conglomerate, who cares not an iota for team, but only for his marketing success and personal statistics, for the privilege of handing him perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars. Wherever he goes, the fans will revel in his stats, the coach will enter a path to termination, and the team will be vilified for not doing what else needed to be done that deprived Lebum of his rightful titles.

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