On the Road

Well, theHoundDawg just got back last night from four days in the bay area. Thanks to satellite radio and Tommy’s fabulous Mexican restaurant in SF, I didn’t miss too much LA sports.

Thursday eve in SF, I was able to hear some of the Laker finale on SiriusXM, and then at dinner at Tommy’s I had an excellent view of the TV for the fourth quarter. A great margarita, a great meal, and a sensational final quarter to the NBA season. As it was the City, as the game ended, the Warrior, Celtic and anti-LA fans that populated the place broke into a sustained round of silence, with a few rationed applause sounds from me and a couple of other brave souls. MrsHound remained silent so as not to enrage the masses.

On Sunday, as the afternoon turned into evening, driving home on the aromatic five, the sounds of Dodger baseball helped pass the time, though losing that third in a row to Boston was painful.

Even more painful was the fact the SiriusXM broadcasts of both the Laker-Celtic game (and the post-game we listened to after leaving Tommy’s) and the Dodger-Red Sox game were feeds of the Boston broadcasts, with Boston’s homer announcers, including the basketball color guy, the never-to-be forgotten Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell.

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