The More They Say, The Worse They Make It

Ah, for the good ole days when the prevailing sound from sc was silence.

The more the astoundingly arrogant uncle petey carroll has to say, the more ridiculous he sounds, and likely the more the good folk in Seattle are having second thoughts, and I’m sure the more the dunderheads at 60 Minutes would like to burn the film of their blubbery tribute to the impeccable mr carroll from a year and a half ago (see my post “60 Minutes Disgrace – Pete Carroll Love Fest”, Dec. 14, 2008). The arrogance of this idiot – to again come out and say he had neither knowledge of the special treatment afforded his star players, nor of the total lack of institutional oversight of the goings on, boggles the educated mind, let alone the minds of sc students and alumni.

Even worse are the comments now flowing from the mouth of reggie bush. Lest you forget, the NCAA went out of its way to include in their 67 page report, the statement that “Bush and his family refused to cooperate with the investigation”. Now, bush has the gall, the arrogance, the audacity, to actually come out and say – while continuing to deny any wrongdoing, of course – that now, “all I can do is continue to try to help them and move forward with the situation.” Bush pledges to help USC fight NCAA sanctions. He has also said that he knows that he will not lose his Heisman. We’ll have to see about that.

For all you doubters out there, you have to read the definitive article, detailing the events of the bush-petey-timmy-m garrett years, written by then sc student and now ESPN correspondent Arash Markazi, entitled appropriately, USC turned a blind eye.

Waterford, Wedgwood, and Royal Doulton

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