Poetry in Motion: BCS Schools and Wanabees Vie For Mega-Conferences – This Cannot End Well

Bye, Bye, Big 12; So long, Big 10; Pac 10, I knew you well.

Right now, they are the Big Nought, the Big 11, and the Pac 11. Tomorrow, they could be anything.

Colorado is now in the Pac [Insert Number of Your Choice Here]. So is Texas. No, wait – Texas is in the SEC! No, That’s Texas A & M. And it’s Texas Tech that’s in the Pac [Insert Number of Your Choice Here]. But aren’t Miami and Florida State now in the SEC? Well, Boise St and Kansas and Kansas State and Missouri are all in the Mountain West, aren’t they?

So if there are going to be four super-conferences and the conference champs play a four-team playoff for the National Championship, where does that leave Boise State? Or will that mean that the Mountain West must also be a super-conference? But won’t that make five of them? Then you’ll need even more conference champs for that playoff.

And how does the University of Memphis fit into all of this:

”FedEx CEO Fred Smith has spoken to various conference officials and made it known that his Memphis-based company could provide millions of dollars — perhaps as much as $10 million annually — to a BCS-affiliated league willing to offer an invitation to the University of Memphis, multiple sources close to the Memphis program have told CBSSports.com.” CBSSports.com, June 12, 2009.

What seems clear here, is the following:

  • The super-conference movement will mean the end of the NCAA was we know it.
  • That may work well for football, probably leading to a real national championship playoff system.
  • It will be a disaster for college basketball – it could well mean the end of the NCAA Basketball Tournament as it has existed for the past several decades.
  • It likely will lead to more and more major instances of failure of institutional oversight and flaunting of rules – with a weakened NCAA or a replacement organization monitoring the ever-powerful schools and conferences, what usc did, and got away with for six years, will be much more prevalent.

Who was it that said “Power Breeds Contempt”? OR was it “Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Waterford, Wedgwood, and Royal Doulton

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