Not a Bad Day For Pitchers

Pitching ruled baseball yesterday.

There were five shutouts yesterday among MLB’s 15 games, but the most incredible pitching performance ended in a 2-1 score. If you missed it, the Cardinals and Met played 18 innings before a run was scored by either team. Both teams managed runs in the 19th, and NY finally put the game away by scoring a second run in their 20th frame.

Met pitchers struck out 19 Cards, while the Mets struck out an additional 16 times themselves. The Cards emptied their bullpen and had nowhere to go, using infielder Felipe Lopez, who shutout the Mets in the 18th. Pulling Lopez, they then put outfielder Joe Mather on the mound, and he allowed the Mets their solo runs in the 19th and 20th innings. The Mets went another route. When Frankie Rodriguez, their last reliever, was pulled, Jerry Manual stayed with professional pitchers, using starter Mike Pelfrey, who, despite pitching seven shutout innings only two days earlier, had enough to give the Mets a shutout 20th, and save the victory.

This was a remarkable game that comes along only once every few years.

Among the more mundane feats of the day – largely ignored – was the no-hitter pitched by Colorado righty Ubaldo Jimenez, the first no-hitter ever recorded by a Rockies’ hurler. Also of note was the complete game shutout thrown by 75-year-old (ok, MLB lists him as 35, but come-on) Livan Hernandez, whose combined ERA over the past four seasons is north of 6.00 and was complied as he bounced back and forth with six different teams.

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