Dodgers’ Spring-Cleaning Means the End of the Line For Old Prospects

In January, I wrote:

“Orlando Hudson. Ron Belliard. Vicente Padilla. Brad Asmus. Juan Pierre. Jim Tome. Juan Castro. Mark Loretta. Jamie Hoffmann. Randy Wolf. Jon Garland. Doug Mientkiewicz. Tony Abreu.

All gone from last year’s roster.

Not one addition to the pitching staff, and overall only reserve infielder Jamey Carroll has been added.


Unless some major work is done pretty soon, the Dodger roster figues to be filled out with a host of minor leaguers and guys who have spent their careers on the Albuquerque-LA shuttle, like Eric Stults, AJ Ellis, Chin-lung Hu, Scott Elbert, and of course the talented but always injured Jason Repko.”

In the following weeks, Ned Colletti re-signed Padilla, Asmus, and Belliard, added veteran position and bench players Garrett Anderson, Reed Johnson, and Nick Green, and brought in a handful of veteran pitchers to compete for the fifth rotation spot.

These LA-Alburquerque shuttle guys have been the resultant casualties, in particular Eric Stults and Jason Repko. After several brief chances to be part of the rotation, Stults’ Dodger days are now over, as Stults is now the property of the Japan League’s Hiroshima Carp. He showed flashes of major league talent, but never any consistency. Chances are he’ll be back in the US and likely fighting for a major league job in a couple of years, but with some other team.

Repko unquestionably has major league talent, but injuries have riddled his career. This spring, an outfield log-jam, and likely lessening patience with his physical ailments, have now lead to his release. Hopefully even at this late date in the spring he will find a major league fit. If not, a new perspective in a new organization could still lead to major league at bats later in the season. - Unique Sports Gifts

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