Ole’ Mario Does It Again, and a Couple of Other Things

The amount of information that Mario Solis does not know about sports in general and baseball in particular is mind boggling.

On tonight’s KNBC-TV late news coverage of today’s Dodgers’ preseason game, he demonstrated new levels of incompetence, even for him.

In describing a late-inning hit off the bat of a young Cleveland Indian’s outfielder by the name of Constanza, Mario showed a clip of Dodger Xavier Paul having trouble retrieving the ball in center field, and even said, out loud, that Paul bobbled the ball, not once, but twice. Then what does Mario say? Well, that it was an inside-the-park home run for Constanza. An inside-the-park home run! Solis not only showed film of not one, but possibly two errors on the play, he also described the mistakes by Paul. And then he called the triple and error, an inside-the-park home run.

In a much more important note, Vin Scully was back in the booth, with no evidence of any lingering problems after the fall a couple of nights ago that scared all of Los Angeles. At the time, my thoughts, which I’m sure were shared by thousands of LA sports fans, were of how similar the event at first sounded like the fall suffered eight years ago by Chick Hearn, from which he never recovered.

Finally, a word about Cleveland and their evolving pitching staff. In the past decade, they have developed three great starting pitchers. CC Sabathia developed into a star with Cleveland, and when it became obvious that he would take the money and run, they dealt him to Milwaukee. Cliff Lee followed a similar pattern, going last year to the Phillies. The third of this group, and just about as talented as the others, is Jake Westbrook. Westbrook had his best season in 2007, and has pitched little since, missing part of the 2008 season, and all but five games last year. He appears to be healthy and regaining his form, and in 4-2/3 innings against the Dodgers today allowed one run and struck out three. National league teams that need a quality starter this coming August, you know where to look.

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