Texas Coach Rick Barnes: He is What is Wrong With College Sports

“We would love to win a national championship, but we’re not obsessed with it because we’re obsessed with these guys trying to live their NBA dream. What’s happened to Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, T.J. Ford — I’d give up a national title for all of our guys to be able to live their dream.

Rick Barnes, Head basketball coach at Texas, actually said this out loud.

Early defections to the NBA have destroyed college basketball. Fact. No Debate.

Where would the UCLA Bruins be today if Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook and Jrue Holiday were still Bruins and not raking in NBA millions? What would this year’s NCAA Tourney be like with these guys playing, plus the likes of Hasheem Thabeet at Connecticut, Tyreke Evans at Memphis, Gerald Henderson at Duke, Jeff Teague at Wake Forest, DaJuan Summers at Geogetown, etc., etc., etc.?

And Barnes has the audacity to say he cares not about success for his Texas team, so long as the one-and-out prima donnas get their asses into the NBA? Does he maybe collect a share of their contracts? How else can he insult not only his team and his school, but ALL OF COLLEGE SPORTS and expect to get away with it?

The lure of professional sports glamour and riches is poisoning not only college sports as a whole, but doing a horrible disservice to the student-athlete. How many of these young guys have given up a free education to follow little more than a dream into the NBA (and for some the NFL), only to see that dream burst with their future destroyed? Far more then the handful who succeed.

People like Barnes, the head coach at a major university, are feeding this disease, to the detriment of the NCAA, the fan, and primarily to the student-athlete.

Barnes is not fit to coach in a softball beer league.

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