Darren Collison Making Most of Paul’s Injury

Speaking of New Orleans,…

Darren Collison stayed at UCLA for the full four years, and completed a career as one of the top point guards in a Bruin history already replete with names like Walt Hazzard, Michael Warren, Baron Davis, Ty Edney, Pooh Richardson, and an almost endless list of others. When his college career came to an end, he was still a solid draft pick and was rewarded with a million dollar NBA contract. The bad news was that he was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets who already had a guy named Chris Paul at the point, and it appeared that Collison would be little more than a caddy for quite a while.

But, Paul has not been healthy, and a few days ago went out for one to two months with knee surgery. In steps Darren Collison, and in five games since taking over as the starter, he has compiled a 16.6 points-per-game average and has passed off for more than ten assists per game.

He’s got a great chance to excel now, and show the rest of the league that he has the talent to be an NBA starter at point guard.

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