Losing More Than Its Own Reward in NFL Coaching Ranks

Ten days ago, likely suffering from some terminal brain malady that is about to bring about my demise, I gave credit and kudos to two sorry excuses for NFL coaches, Wade Phillips and Norv Turner.

Silly me. I thought the Dallas and SD hot streaks had something to do with their head coaches, when in reality, the streaks were despite their head coaches.

The only person so far to be more embarrassed about this turn of events should be Charger president Dean Spanos, who, in light of his team’s horrendous performance against a clearly inferior Jets’ team, rewarded Turner with a three-year contract extension through 2013. You’ve got to be kidding.

On top of this, ESPN has reported that Jerry Jones has told Phillips that he will exercise the team’s 2010 option on Phillips’ services and that he will be back running the Cowboys next year.

Spanos has demonstrated for years his total lack of football knowledge and minute business acumen, but you would think that Jones would have had enough, especially with his track record of coach musical chairs.

Also, yet another abject failure in the NFL coaching fraternity, Chan Gailey, has been given another shot, now employed to bring the Buffalo Bills back to respectability.

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