SC Scum and NCAA, and, Oh, Yea, Bruin Disgrace

Well, according to the late Mike Garrett (about two monhts to go, at most), OJ Mayo has joined the NFL’s second-biggest scumwad reggie bush in their failure to cooperate with investigations into their illegal activities while enjoying the cardinal and gold glamour and classroom experience (thought I’d throw in a good laugh).

It is well known that bush took his Heisman and ran to the NFL where he had to take a pay cut, and refused to talk to NCAA investigators and others looking into his $1/2 million in ill-gotten riches while in the employ of petey carrol and MG. Mayo followed in those footsteps to the NBA and as ESPN and the Daily News reported, refused to discuss the matter, as sc self-imposed all those darling little penalties.

While sc fully deserves what it is getting for employing criminal elements like petey, timmy, bush and mayo, the likes of bush and mayo should have had the decency to try to help out the school that paved the way for their future careers.

On another, equally sickening note, I really misspoke back on Dec. 24 when I though I saw a glimmer of hope in the Bruin basketball team. We all knew the team would not be very good this season, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect the team to be as bad as the brain surgeons figured to be. Alas, the brain surgeons, who had been playing reasonabley well most of the season, yesterday wiped the Wooden name off the hardwood with the horrible Bruin team. This was the most embarrassing exposition of Bruin bb in my memory, and I’ve been atttending Bruin games for five decades (Six, if I ever suck it up and go to a game this season – can’t even watch them on TV right now).

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