Petey’s Tear Jerker Ignores NCAA and Dave Watson Lawsuit

We won’t have petey to kick around anymore.

Pete Carroll, the white-haired phantom of the truth delivered his well-rehersed goodbye to his brain-washed brain surgeon minions today, pulling more wool over their eyes. Funny how he never mentioned throwing his undees into a suitcase and running to the airport, a few steps ahead of the NCAA and all those lawyers aching to take his deposition.

Turns out that he is about to be deposed not only in the reggie bush civil case, but also in a million dollar damage case brought by the victim in former assistant Dave Watson’s felony-DUI auto accident, a case in which Petey may well have some personal liability. As finally reported today by local TV news following the article on, Watson, addicted to painkillers and other meds, was provided thousands of pills by sc football team physicians and an sc auto whch he used to maim an innocent bystander, all under the watchful eye, and apparent knowledge, of petey. Petey’s knowledge and acquiesence may well mean that some of the $35 Mil in Seahawk money he’ll be pocketing will end up paying for this guy’s ongoing surgeries and pain & suffering.

Anoather unanswered question as petey waives bye-bye is what part Tim Leiweke, maybe the most influential sports figure in LA, as CEO of AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group), that built and operates Staples Center, Home Depot Center, and owns the LA Kings, as well as numerous sports venues and teams around the world, and who has a hand in the new LA Football Stadium about to be built by AEG Co-Owner Ed Roski in the City of Industry, had in his younger brother and Seahawk CEO Tod hiring petey?

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