NCAA Closing In,… Petey Takes the Money and Runs

On vacation for a week, upon my return I was overjoyed to see that top rat Pete Carroll was deserting the USC brain surgeon ship, scooping up a reported cool $35 Mil for his get-a-way.

The NCAA cops are apparently closing in, and even if not, the civil court proceedings in the Crime-of-the-Century just received a major boost, with an appellate court ruling ordering both Petey and reggie bush to submit to depositions. If they lie under oath, then they should be prosecuted for purjury. If they tell the truth about bush and his family receiving more than $.5 Mil in illegal benefits during his last two years at sc, then the NCAA will have no choice but to strip the school of their 1-1/2 championships, and bush will have his Heisman revoked. On top of that, there will be serious TV and scholarship restrictions. Add on the Joe McKnight violations, and the major violations pending against Timmie Floyd and the basketball program, and the sc brain surgeons could be facing the DEATH PENALTY!

Perfect time for the cappo to take his leave, and his millions.

Question: Will Mike Garrett be honest with coaching prospects and tell them what will likely happen to the football program. If so, how likely will it be for a Mike Riley, Jeff Fisher or Jack del Rio to leave any of their current jobs to return to sc?

Oh, well, Mike, there is always Charlie Weis or Karl Dorrall.

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