Sign of Life Spotted in the Moribund Bruins

After several games reminiscent of the play seen during stretches of the Larry Farmer and Walt Hazzard coaching years, not to mention Steve Lavin’s last season, the Bruins almost resembled an actual basketball team over their last few games, despite wins only over the likes of New Mexico St. and Colorado St., to show for it.

But, the great improvement and now consistent play of a couple of young guys, Malcolm Lee and Reeves Nelson, and finally some good play and leadership from seniors Michael Roll and Nikola Dragovic, do give some small level of hope for the Pac-10 season that is about to start.

A couple of weeks ago, I would have expected UCLA to trudge through the Pac-10, winning maybe a half-dozen games. Now, .500 seems a possibility, with a finish near the middle of the Pac pack.

And, if we can see some increased playing time and similar contributions from probably the most talented player on the roster, Tyler Honeycutt, and from the likes of Bobo Morgan and Brendan Lane, by the end of the Pac-10 season, this may actually become a team.

At this point, though, a NCAA Tourney appearance is still little more than a dream.

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