With Two Weeks to Go …..

-The King of Interceptions is rounding into form, and taking his Vikings down with him. Over the last three games, Brett Favre has thrown four key interceptions, and compiled QB ratings consistently in the 70s. The Vikes will split their last two regular season games, limp into the playoffs, and be blown out. Then we’ll have another summer of Favre retirement updates, culminating with the King coming into camp the week before the first game.

-The Overrated brain surgeon quarterback contingency had a great 0-3 week, with the overrated carson palmer losing to San Diego, the empty uniform in KC losing to Cleveland, and the overrated m sanchez accounting for all of seven points in a loss to Atlanta, and getting knocked out of the playoffs by virtue thereof. On the same day, and against the stellar defense of the King’s Vikes, ex-Bruin backup and one-year starter at Oregon State Matt Moore was dominant, passing for 299 yards. Moore has thusly elevated himself into contention for next season’s starting job at Carolina.

-With Cleveland playing their best football in a couple of years, it appears that the end of the Eric Mangini era is imminent. The Cleveland truck is backing up in Mike Holmgren’s driveway, ready to dump a shitload of cash. It’s not the time to start over again. Mangini deserves another year, and a decent quarterback, to bring the Browns the rest of the way back.

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