Bleak Start to Off-Season Player Moves

As last season ended, the future looked good for the Dodgers and Angels, despite the disappointment of the post-season. The past month, however, has been a disaster, on all fronts.

As the season came to a close, the news of the McCorts’ breakup and its effect on the team was an unknown poisonous cloud, darkening every aspect of the Dodgers’ ability to improve for next season. At this point, they’ve lost Randy Wolf, and are totally silent on the free agent acquisition front, and the trade rumor mill is also pretty silent, save for the one mention of Cub interest in Juan Pierre. The Dodgers have a serious need to add two quality starters, and it does not look like they will be opening the McCort vault to pay for a Lackey, Pineiro, or Marquis, and after the first few free agent starters, the pickings are very thin, and full of injury prone Nick Lowrys and Erik Bedards, too similar to the Jason Schmidts and Eric Miltons they paid so dearly for over the past three years. Time will only tell if the Dodgers will pay out anything to improve the staff, or will Billingsly, Kuroda, and Kershaw be followed by the likes of Charlie Haeger and Eric Stults?

The Angels have now lost Chone Figgins, and do not seem to be making any headway in re-siging John Lackey. Instead, the talk seems to be of further depleting the now-thin infield with a deal for Roy Halladay that would see Erick Aybar, Joe Saunders and Mike Napoli all going to Toronto. Despite the benefits of an absolute stellar number one starter in Halladay, this trade would be a loser for the Angels. They would need to make several additional moves in order to maintain their great defense and vastly improved offense if they go into next season without Figgins, Aybar and Napoli, and in giving up the guy who is probably now their number one starter (assuming Lackey is gone) to get a number one, this still leaves the starting staff woefully short in the numbers game. From what we saw of Anthony Ortega and Sean O’Sullivan last season, neither one of them can fill a regular sport in a major league rotation. Maybe a Mark DeRosa, or even an Adrian Beltre, can fill the void at third, with Maicer Izturis taking over as the regular at shortstop, but this overall picture is a major step back from last year’s team.

All of this is with the backdrop of the scumstripes ripping off not one, but two teams, in one of the biggest steals of the 21st century. I can see Detroit’s rationale in giving away developing superstar Curtis Granderson for the pile of pitching they received, but what are they doing in Arizona? How can they possibly rationalize giving up one of MLB’s best arms and top young pitching talents in Max Scherzer, and only receiving the overrated career dud and one-year-flash Edwin Jackson, and yankee-wanna-be/never-will-be Ian kennedy? As far as this affects the Dodgers, I’m very glad o have Scherzer out of NL West, and am ooking forward to feasting off of Jackson and Kennedy.

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