Poor Timmy Floyd, Picked on by Mike Garrett and the NCAA

The LA Times Sports department today devoted a substantial amount of newsprint and web space to the lament of crooked crybaby Tim Floyd. In the article, Floyd makes it sound as if he were the official scapegoat for the brain surgeon athletic department. Well, actually, that part is true, as I have written before. But, his assertions he is innocent of documented allegations that he dispensed cash for the benefit of former player OJ Simpson Mayo and that Mayo lived in abject poverty while attending brain surgeon u, are preposterous. Do a little reading, Timmy, and you’ll see all that stuff about Mayo’s dorm room full of high-priced electronics, not to mentioned the statements, under oath, made to the FBI and other governmental agencies, not just to the NCAA, by the currier you charged with delivering the funds.

It’s all hilarious, except for the fact that the brain surgeon criminal enterprise is still running scott free, YEARS after some of the most egregious violations of NCAA rules ever described, not to mention possible violations of criminal statutes, and for that one bit of truth from Timmy’s lips – that he and the basketball program have been set up to take the fall for petey and his band of money-churning reprobates in the football program.

Another note about Timmy. Professional reprobate, and so unfortunately a current Laker, Ron Artest has rocked the pro basketball world with his assertions that while a member of the Chicago Bulls, he regularly had a sip or two, or three, or …. of Cognac during halftime of games. A quick perusal of the record books shows that he was with the Bulls from 1999 to 2002. Guess who was Coach of the the Bulls during those years? Why, yes, none other than Timmy Floyd himself.

Yep, he’s a great coach, an honest person, and he should still be in charge of a major program, or THE guy at his new location in New Orleans. Yea, right.

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