The Best Defense Money Can Buy

Petey, Petey, Petey.

What a shame.

All that money, and this is what you came up with.

Excuse me, but didn’t a few of those experts say, like before the season, that your brain surgeon defense could be one of the greatest ever?

So, in the last three weeks, you’ve given up, what, 111 points? Yea, that’s right – Oregon 47, Arizona State 9, and Stanford 55. But lets look further back. Before Oregon’s 47, you barely escaped against Notre Dame giving up 27, and then let Oregon State score 36. That is, Petey, a five game average of 35 points. Per game.

Best defense money can buy.

Guess you had to take something out of the defense budget for all those quarterback, like this guy matt. You know the one, the guy that handed the Cardinal four touchdowns with a fumble and three interceptions.

Have a nice time at the Las Vegas Bowl.

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