Jeff Sagarin is an Idiot

The self-appointed guru of college sports, Jeff Sagarin, has come out with his list of the all-time college basketball programs, and it’s the biggest pile of crap since both my dogs had diarrhea on the same day.

Quierie – Which program has won, by far, the most NCAA Champtionships? UCLA of course. Where does he rank UCLA? Why number 2. Why? Becasue they were not a top program in the 1940s! The 1940s?

Who, you ask, is number one? Why Kentucky of course, the same Kentucky that has won 60% as many titles as the Bruins, and which has not sniffed the title in this milleniium.

He also rankes teams by decades, and in the current decade, he ranks Duke and Kansas as one and two, with Florida, winner of two straight titles number four, behind North Carolina, who has also won two titles in this decade, while UCLA, Final Four participants three straight years, getting knocked out by Florida in their two championship years, is ranked TWENTIETH!

Having totally screwed up the top rankings, he has some other schools ranked in places that are so totally absurd, it would appear he formulated his rankings by picking the schools out of a hat. He actually has the dysfunctional brain surgeons, who have never won a title, and who had only a few really top seasons (all decades ago under Bob Boyd) without violating NCAA rules, at number 25! Absolute lunacy. Even worse than perrennial loser Northwestern ranked number 77.

Happy 99th birthday to John Wooden.

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  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment October 14, 2009, 1:35:37 PM PDT retrieved from original blog:

    a personal friend of mine. does that make me an idiot? johhny demon?

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