Neuheisel Picks QB, Lays Down the Law

With the apparent decision that it will be freshman Richard Brehaut at qb Saturday against Kansas State, and not last year’s walking interception machine Kevin Craft, it has also been announced that four players, starting soph db Courtney Viney, and three freshmen subs, rb Milton Knox, and receivers Morrell Presley and Randall Carroll, have been suspended for the game, for undisclosed reasons.

Rick Neuheisel must have had a damn good reason for the suspensions, and hopefully they were an exercise of the same good judgment that led him to choose the talented Brehaut over Craft to fill in at qb. Last February, I said that Brehaut could be the key to a successful 2009 season and beyond. Glad to see him get the chance, and who knows what the future will hold. You can’t say enough about Kevin Prince, though, coming back into the game with his jaw broken, to take the final two snaps against Tennessee.

And on the other side of town, petey says his little boy has a boo boo on his shoulder and may not make it to Seattle for the brain surgeon’s game against the Huskies and their new coach, former brain surgeon assistant (and flunk-out as an sc student/baseball player) Steve Sarkisian.

Speaking of Sarkisian, it was very interesting the other day hearing Steve Bishoff with Mason and Ireland tell the real story about the petey-Norm Chow rift and the fact that Chow only decided to leave the brain surgeons and move to the NFL AFTER petey told him he was being demoted from offensive coordinator in favor co-coordinators Sarkisian and petey’s buddy’s baby boy, Lane Kiffin, who we all remember from last Saturday in Tennessee.

So, which top-five team will lose this weekend?

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