Follow-Up to NFL Notes

Regarding those three “notes” at the end of my list of NFL picks the other day: The Bears will not be the surprise team of the season, without Brian Urlacher, Julian Edelman won’t be rookie of the year if he doesn’t get to play, and leading up to my reaction to number three and last night’s SD-Oakland game, the most impressive rookie I saw over the first weekend was Raider’s receiver Louis Murphy.

As to that game and my prediction that the Raiders would win – THEY DID. The clown-suited referees stole the game from the Raiders: Louis Murphy’s catch in the end zone was a touchdown – he came down with the ball and both feet on the ground and that was the end of the play before he fell to the ground, and even then, he still had a grip on the ball as it hit the ground (the same thing in the NE-Buffalo games was ruled a catch). Even with the Raiders hitting rock-bottom, and staying at rock-bottom of the league for years now, the fact established years ago is still just as true as when Pete Rozelle’s bitter enemy Al Davis had his Raiders in contention for the Super Bowl every year – every close call in every game that can be called against the Raiders, is.

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