Pro Picks – Can the Season Be as Weird as the Off Season?

It’s that time of year, so here goes:

New England Patriots – Healthy Brady and still the class of the league
Miami Dolphins – They won’t sneak up on people like last season
Buffalo Bills – Healthy Trent Edwards more important than TO; expect melt-down about week 11
New York Jets – New coach, new qb, worse year

Pittsburgh Steelers – Second best team in conf, but won’t beat Pats
Baltimore Ravens – improved offense, stellar D, #3 in Conference
Cleveland Browns – Improved qb play and team moves up in tough division
Cincinnati Bengals – Bad defense, overrated offense, last in tough division

Indianapolis Colts – Best among even group, biggest obstacle is no Tony Dungy
Jacksonville Jaguars – Team as good as David Garrard, both should rebound; breakout season for Jones-Drew
Tennessee Titans – Vet QB has little magic left, poor receiver corp, .500 year
Houston Texans – improved, but not as much as some think

San Diego Chargers – Typical Norv Turner team – wins weakest div, can’t win a playoff game
Denver Broncos – 7-9 good enough for second
Oakland Raiders – Not as bad as experts think, improved defense, running game keep out of cellar
Kansas City Chiefs - No chance with terrible qb and coaching choices

New York Giants – Least problems in pretty even division
Philadelphia Eagles – Would pick #1 if not for scumbag vick
Dallas Cowboys – Will never be a legitimate threat so long as Wade Phillips is head coach
Washington Redskins – Clearly cellar team; off-season criticism of qb not easy to heal

Chicago Bears – Cutler can play, and team should rally around first solid qb in decades
Green Bay Packers – Close second, they need Rodgers to stay healthy all year to have a shot
Minnesota Vikings – King of the Interceptions will deprive solid team of its chance to win
Detroit Lions – Major improvement, maybe to two wins.

Atlanta Falcons – Can they show that last year was no fluke? Probably, should easily win bad division
Carolina Panthers – Not nearly as good as last year’s record
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Work in progress, limited improvement likely
New Orleans Saints – Team would have a chance if they were to dump Mr. FumbleBush

Seattle Seahawks – Improved receiving, healthy Hasselbeck, addition of E. James, and easy division win
San Francisco 49ers – Improved team could challenge Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals – Can they show that last year was no fluke? No Way. Fight with Rams to stay out of cellar
St. Louis Rams – Even if Bulger stays healthy, no one to throw to. Only Steven Jackson makes them better than Lions

New England to win AFC, NY Giants win NFC, and the Patriots win Super Bowl.

A couple of more notes: Surprise team of the year – Chicago Bears, they could muscle their way into SB. Rookie of the year – Patriots Julian Edelman – a bigger, stronger, speedier Wes Welker. Monday night, Sep 14, Raiders will upset San Diego.

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