Once Again, How Does Mario Solis Keep His Job?

Once again, Mario Solis has shown that he is the worst announcer currently reporting sports news in the western world.

This evening on the Channel 4 News, he told listeners, to their shock, that budding star Clayton Kershaw injured his shoulder during batting practice before today’s game, and that he would miss his next start.

Frightening news. Terrible news. Could it be serious? Will he miss the rest of the season and the playoffs? Is his career in jeopardy?

All unanswered questions, but likely too early to have any answers.

But wait! Solis never said which shoulder was injured.

A quick turn to Yahoo! Sports, and it was immediately seen, with great relief, that he hurt his RIGHT shoulder, so all those thoughts of a career-threatening injury to his pitching shoulder were eased.

Solis, of course, probably doesn’t even know that Kershaw is lefty.

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