Vets, New Guys Sharp, as Bruins Continue Dominance Over SDSU; Sooners Dead

Redshirt freshmen Kevin Prince at QB and RB Johnathan (yea, Johnathan) Franklin, who ran 12 yards for a TD on his first carry, made strong debuts for the Bruins, but veteran defenders were the real difference, as sophomore safety Rahim Moore was the real star of the game with three interceptions, and the Playmaker, senior CB Alterraun Verner, put the game away when he ran 70 yards for a TD on a blocked FG attempt.

All in all, this evening’s opener confirms the promise I described as seeing in this year’s team.

The game could have turned into a disaster very early though, when Brian Price tweaked a knee in the opening minutes of the first quarter. It seemed to be a very minor tweak as he jogged of the field, and retuned not too long thereafter.

My guy at WR, Taylor Embree, made a couple of nice catches, and had six reception for 98 yards, though he had a potential TD bomb go just past his reach. Like I said – a star in the making.

I had my doubts about Tennessee, with all of the controversy of the off season, not to mention Lane Kiffin’s lack of success as a head coach, but they had a hell of a start against Western Kentucky, and next week’s game should be more of a test than originally thought.

Finally, BYU’s upset of Oklahoma could mark the start of another season of surprises, like last year. Starting off with a loss, and the potential of being without Sam Bradford for much, and potentially all, of the season, assuredly means that the Sooners will not be making a repeat visit to the title game.

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