College, Pac-10 Football Off to Rocky Start – Bruins Ready to Surprise

Chip Kelly’s Ducks got off to a rocky start yesterday, and while I question how successful his team will be on the field this season – he’s no Nick Bellotti – I have to give him credit for his response to the horrific conduct of LeGarrette Blount. A season’s suspension seems appropriate, but few coaches would take that type of action against a star player. (Petey? not even if a running back committed murder.)

Tomorrow begins the second Bruin season under Rick Neuheisel, and I expect to see improved communication, more teamwork, and much improved play all around, all resulting in a turn-a-round to an 8-4 season. The defense will be outstanding, and an improved O-line, lead by Mike Harris, combined with solid receiving, and an actual Quarterback on the field, will translate to a winning season, and a deserved bowl bid.

A year ago, I said Taylor Embree was a star in the making. That should come about this season, with Kevin Prince on the throwing end of his receptions. Redshirt freshman Johnathan (yea, Johnathan) Franklin and Derrick Coleman lead an inexperienced but very talented group of running backs The defense, without DeWayne Walker, but with the sometimes spectaciar Alterraun Verner anchoring a young defensive backfield, does feature a ton of experience up front, and could be more consistent than last year, especially when, hopefully, the offense won’t be turning the ball over several times per game, putting the D back on the field time and time again.

Yea, 8-4 sounds good….


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