Big Things in Anaheim

During the past off-season, the Angles were a minor player in the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes, after giving up Casey Kotchman as rent for a few weeks of Teixeira’s services in late 2008. Maybe the Angels did know something. I, for one, was not thrilled with going into the season with basically one option for first base – Kendry Morales.

Well, as August comes to a close, the stats for the two are shockingly similar:

Kendrys Morales HRs: 30 RBI: 94 Avg.: .311
Mark Teixeira HRs: 32 RBI: 101 Avg.: .284

Shockingly similar, with one little exception – Morales isn’t earning quite as much as Teixeira’s $180 Million.

Hopefully, the move they did make will turn our as well as the one they didn’t. This week’s deal for Steve Kazmir looks like a gem, assuming Kazmir stays healthy. Healthy, he may well be the ace of the staff, and is the dominating number one guy that could lead a team to a WS title.

A key to the deal, though, is who is that player to be named. Giving up two top prospects for a 25-year-old established star is a no-brainer, but that third name figures to end up being an established player as well.

Well worth it, if Kazmir anchors the rotation for the next five years, or more.

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